Predictive precision, mitigated penalties

Bid farewell to costly surprises and penalties
due to inaccurate forecasts

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Aligning energy consumption closely
with actual demand

Forecasting models utilize digital
twins, production plans, and real-time
weather data

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Weather data

Weather data, encompassing variables like temperature, wind speed, irradiance, humidity, and cloud cover, is indispensable for precise energy consumption and generation forecasts

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Digital twins

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical equipment or systems, combining physics-based equations to model performance with real-time data enrichment. They offer a dynamic simulation of equipment behavior, ensuring accurate predictions by aligning theoretical models with real-world performance

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Production plans

In the context of energy consumption forecasting, a production plan serves as a foundational framework that integrates key elements such as anticipated production volumes, schedules, and resource requirements

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Short-term forecasting for equipment readiness

Empower your machines with precision. Our short-term forecasts ensure
optimal performance, minimizing downtime and inefficiencies in the face
of energy fluctuations

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Advanced market engagement

Enreport forecasts consumption, day-ahead, and intraday volumes,
consolidating market and energy contract data

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Key benefits of Enreport

• Cost savings and efficiency •

• Technological preparedness •

• Enhanced equipment reliability •

• Market optimization •

• Operational resilience •

Experience the power of precision forecasting and market optimization

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