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Enreport marketplace:
your gateway to sustainable energy solutions

Enreport is your go-to solution for precision energy forecasting, redefining how industries manage their energy resources

Cloud-based & On-premises solution

Embark on a virtual

Visualize and simulate your energy setup using a diverse array of equipment icons, including solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps, wind turbines, boilers, and more

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Data-driven decision making

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Energy contract data

Uploading your energy consumption data

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Weather data

Enreport leverages this information along with real-time weather and geo data to calculate all possible renewable energy options tailored to your needs

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Get your personalized suggestion

Our platform transforms raw data into actionable insights, allowing you to estimate results through simulation and facilitating the decision-making process

Seamless contracting

Enreport not only helps you choose the right equipment but also facilitates easy contracting

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Create energy contracts effortlessly through our platform and explore options like Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) or Energy as a Service providers. We streamline the entire process, making it efficient and hassle-free

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Connecting with vendors

Our pre-calculations simplify communication, making collaboration with vendors a breeze. We connect you directly with reputable equipment vendors, ensuring a smooth transition from simulation to real-world implementation

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Integration and optimization

Post-installation, Enreport continues to be your ally. Easily integrate your new equipment into our platform, and let Enreport assist you in running your equipment optimally. Track changes, analyze performance, and stay informed about the impact of your sustainable choices

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Cloud-based & On-premises solution



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